PEM Power Plant

Nedstack is world class in PEM Power Plants
Nedstack’s origins lie with PEM Power Plants. With PEM Power Plants, the fuel cell stacks are the system, so we deliver turnkey to your plant. Since early 2007, Nedstack has built extensive operating experience with power plants. At a Chlorine plant in the Netherlands, Nedstack operates a unique testing facility using industrial by-product hydrogen.

70 kW Pilot plant, AkzoNobel, Delfzijl, the Netherlands
The Delfzijl pilot is composed of a PEM fuel cell module with 12 stacks of 75 cells each, the stacks are electrically connected in series. Power output was initially set at 50 kW to operate at high (57%) hydrogen conversion efficiency; later levels were raised to about 70 kW (at 53% efficiency). By January 2017 the fuel cell unit has delivered more than 2.7 GWh of electric power after 55,000 hours of operation on the local grid. Plant operation continues with an uptime typically > 90%. As shown on the picture, the entire installation is fitted inside a standard 20 ft sea container.

This set-up enables Nedstack to test its stacks under industrial conditions for thousands of hours. New components and concepts have to pass long term tests in this facility before they are incorporated in our stacks that are sold to customers.

Akzo NObel 75 kW

Stacks installed in the Dutch chlor-alkali plant have been in operation for over 25,000 hours. Voltage degradation levels indicate an economic stack life towards 40,000 hours. The system design is such that stacks are quickly and easily exchanged, minimizing down time (and preparing it for yet another long system life span). 

1 MW plant at Solvay, Belgium
Based on our results with AkzoNobel, chemical giant Solvay chose Nedstack for a 1 MW PEM fuel cell generator for their Solvic chlor-alkali plant in Lillo, near Antwerp (Belgium). This 1 MWe unit consists of a number of modules switched in parallel, enabling uninterrupted operation. Not only does it convert hydrogen into electricity, the heat produced by the conversion of hydrogen is recovered pre-heating a process flow from a neighbouring process. In January of 2012, only a year after Solvay and Nedstack signed their partnership, this unit became operational.

Watch our video on the 1 MW PEM power plant:

Recently this unit has been relocated outside Europe and will be connected to a hydrogen flow from an oil refinery. Functional tests are planned in 2017.

2MW plant at Ynnovate, Yingkou, China
In January 2015, a contract was signed for the delivery of the world’s largest PEM Power Plant between Ynnovate Sanzheng Fine Chemicals Co. Ltd, Nedstack fuel cell technology, and its partners MTSA and AkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals. After shipment to China, and site installation this 2 MWe unit was started up in September 2016.

Demco PEM 2 MW

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