Commercial Vehicles

Cities are implementing demanding legislation which set rules about emissions. By using fuel cell systems, the user can easily comply with these demands. Fuel cell technology provides clean and efficient city transportation.

Distributors are hard pressed to find new alternatives meeting stringent emissions demands for distribution within city limits. The HyTruck is one of these innovative solutions.

The HyTruck has been built upon the frame of a Mitsubishi Canter. The diesel engine and gearbox were replaced by a 16kWe fuel cell system, providing the truck with a clean and quiet power source. The fuel cell system has been designed and supplied by Nedstack. A 350 bar hydrogen tank is used for storage of the hydrogen allowing for a range of about 250 kilometers. Refuelling is easy and fast. Just connect the nozzle, press the button and within minutes the driver is on his way making deliveries again.

The HyTruck also has Li-ion batteries and in-wheel electric motors. A power management system controls the power flow, ensuring maximum life time of both the fuel cell and the batteries. Braking energy is stored in the batteries for later use. Thanks to Nedstack’s hydrogen fuel cells, HyTruck does its job without the emissions of a conventional diesel engine. The fuel cell system has been certified by the German TÜV for use in the HyTruck.

The Hytruck was awarded the prestigious European Road Transport Innovation Award in 2007:

HyMove bus
Everyday many travellers use public bus services to reach their intended point of arrival. Most buses use polluting and noisy diesel engines. Emission regulations are being tightened, and people are looking for options that are clean and quiet. The HyMove bus is one of the clean alternatives being implemented.

The HyMove bus is a 12m long VDL ambassador bus which has been converted to an electric drive train. It has in-wheel motors and a Li-ion battery pack.

The bus is powered by a 30kWe Nedstack fuel cell system. The fuel cells provide clean and quiet power. The system provides the bus with a range of 250km. Refuelling is easy and fast. Just connect the nozzle, press the button and within minutes the driver is on his way again. All this can be achieved without the emissions of the conventional diesel engine, thanks to Nedstack’s hydrogen fuel cells.

The HyMove bus has entered the regular schedule in 2011. Based on this first Nedstack bus system, improved generations of fuel cell system, based on Nedstack stacks, have been developed. In 2016, new FCEV bus with Nedstack stacks entered into daily operation, while the latest generation is on track to qualify for EU application in FCH project Jive-2.

Fiat Doblo
A Fiat Doblo was used as a platform to acquire more experience with hydrogen cars. The Doblo has been converted to an electric vehicle by the HAN university of Applied Science. Silent Motor Company has developed and built the 2nd generation of their fuel cell system with a Nedstack fuel cell stack to extend the range of the Doblo.

fiat doblo

The system has a 10kWe stack and a 100L 350barg hydrogen storage tank. The car has been fitted with Li-ion batteries in the front and back of the car. The Doblo is intended for city use and the estimated range is 200 km.