Nedstack Product Range

Nedstack is one of the leading PEM fuel cell producers in the world. Having well over a decade of stack manufacturing experience, our extensive track-record includes over 500 systems based on Nedstack fuel cells in commercial operation world-wide, several even dating back to 2006. Also, the world’s largest PEM fuel cell system is based on Nedstack fuel cell stacks. Our Fuel Cell stacks have proven a long lifetime capability and high energy efficiency in the field.

Nedstack supplies liquid-cooled Fuel Cell Stacks with rate power capacity between 2 – 10 kW with corresponding codes FCS 2 – FCS 10, towards a range of applications in countries all over the world. The rated power output of a fuel cell stack is determined by the number of cells stacked together. Multiple stacks can be assimilated into fuel cell systems with a combined power output exceeding 2 MWatt.

Our stacks have already been qualified for the transport sector, marine environment and stationary PEM Power Plants, making Nedstack the fuel cell stack provider of choice for integrators who deliver energy systems for telecom, rail and utilities applications, and multiple transport purposes. Nedstack commercially offers one stack product with difference in outputs to best fulfill customer requirements:

Maximizing lifetime under (semi-)steady operation conditions (liquid-cooled)

standard pr range and typical apps

For example, subject to customer conditions a typical Nedstack FCS 10 stack (HP and XXL) delivers in its operating window approximately 52V @120 A and 42V @230A. XXL stacks are designed for continuous operation at current range between 120-200 A. The stacks lifetime expectancy exceeds > 20,000 hours.

Our standardized commercial product lines meet customers’ most common needs, and we will be delighted to discuss additional customization to deliver the product you need.

In addition, Nedstack can provide input regarding Balance-of-Plant system design and its implementation to help you achieve the best output from your Nedstack stacks.